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Great News – Water Planning Grant Received!

It was my privilege to sign the Regional Public Water Supply Planning Grant following a unanimous and enthusiastic vote of the City Council at the meeting on Monday, October 9th. The grant will pay for almost half of the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER).  The City has contracted with Brian Kingsley of BG Consultants to conduct the PER. In order to insure a safe and sustainable water supply, it is time to take a look at our aging water system. Water systems are the most costly of infrastructures to replace or expand.  This means that we would need a grant in place to move forward if we choose to make changes.  A PER is mandatory to obtain future grants.  Options outlined in the PER will be presented for you to examine at a town hall.  You have a vested interest in this and we want you to be informed and involved in the process and outcome.  Please share your thoughts and questions by email to mayor@cityoflinnvalley.com or bring to City Hall. Stay tuned and involved.

Jeanne Dwyer, Mayor