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KCP&L Electric Rates 

  • Recently the City Building Inspector was asked about Kansas City Power and Light (KCP&L) rates. There was confusion when a new property owner called to transfer electric to her name and informed she would have to pay at a commercial rate.  Property Owners with Recreational Vehicles (RVs) on a camping or multi-purpose lot with electric provided by KCP&L are covered under the KCP&L Tariff, Residential Other Use (ROU).
  • https://www.kcpl.com/-/media/indexedmedia/my_bill/ks/detailed_tariffs_ks/ksdt_12residentialotheruse_1220_2018.pdf?la=en
  • Each Property Owner should review their electric bill to verify their property is at the ROU Tariff and if not, call KCP&L to correct. The number for KCP&L is 888-471-5275 and provided them with the ROU Tariff information.Additional questions should be directed to KCP&L. The City and POA Office do not have authority over KCP&L or determining the rate structure. The information above is provided to eliminate confusion regarding rates for RV’s on camping and multi-purpose lots.