Do I need to license my dog? What about licensing my cat?

A dog three months or older must be licensed in Linn Valley. The licensing must be done by May 1st of each year. Fees are $3 if the dog is spayed or neutered and $8 if not. Three or more dogs per household is an additional $25 kennel fee. A tag will be given with each license and must be worn by your dog at all times.  If a dog loses its way home, license tags will help us reunited dog with owner. Linn Valley does not license cats.

From the Mayor

From the Mayor

I would like to thank everyone that has and continues to make my transition into office a success. I appreciate the words of support and encourage the community to actively engage with all the elected officials. My first 100 days is about creating community connections and enabling me to develop a plan of action for the future of our city.

My vision for Linn Valley is to be a sustainable and efficiently operating city.  I want a city that anticipates growth issues in advance of potential problems by executing outstanding planning and leadership.

Our areas of focus are:
• Collaboration and cooperation with the Property Owners Association
• Provide high quality two-way communications with residents and encourage full participation in City government
• Plan well and look forward to the future in decision making
• Budget efficiently and effectively to align with our priorities
• Support diversity and inclusiveness in our community.

I am excited about the potential increased efficiency in all aspects of Linn Valley and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve our Community.


Cindy Smith, Mayor
City Hall: 913-757-2926
Cell: 913-624-1299