Senior Living Help: is an organization that provides senior living assistance to the elderly. Senior Living Help assists Kansas senior citizens, their family members and caregivers in finding appropriate senior living and care facilities.

Dig Safe: 1-800-344-7233 or 811

Linn County Offices: 913-795-2668

Property Owners Association office: 913-757-4591

Street Number Signs (911 Signs). Each residence or improved lot must post a reflective street number sign with numbers a minimum of 3 inches in height. The sign is to be positioned as to be readily visible to emergency responders and others from the street. Signs may be purchased at City Hall. Ordinance 160

Door-to-Door Sales, solicitors, peddlers and transient vendors of merchandise are considered a nuisance and are unlawful within the city limits. Ordinance 53

Littering and Illegal Dumping are prohibited on any public or private property. Both are in violation of Ordinance 98 and punishable by a mandatory fine.

Open Burning of any bonfire or rubbish fire requires a Fire Permit. Burning within Linn Valley Lakes requires a burn permit from the Linn Valley Lakes Property Owners Association office. A permit is not required for burning in an outdoor fire ring or barbeque pit. Before burning check the status of county-wide burn bans. Be safe and extinguish any fire before leaving the location of the fire. Ordinance 47