The Linn Valley Police Department performs animal control services for the City of Linn Valley.

  • Dog Licenses

    For the safety of your dog and to comply with City ordinances, all dogs over the age of three months and living in the City of Linn Valley for 30 days are required to have a yearly license. Tags should be on the animal at all times. With tags, wayward pets can be more quickly returned to their owner. Dog License and tags can be purchased at City Hall and is valid for one year. Licensing should be completed no later than May 1st. Proof of current rabies vaccinations is required.

    Fees are as follows:

    • Unaltered dog – $8.00
    • Altered dog – $3.00
    • With three or more dogs there is an additional $25 kennel fee

  • Leash Law

    Dogs must not be allowed to run without restraint. Dogs must be confined to the premises of their owner, within voice control, on a leash, in a cage, or in a vehicle. Unrestrained or unlicensed dogs may be impounded.
  • Impounded Dogs

    The owner may claim an impounded dog at City Hall. There is a standard kennel fee of $10 per day the dog is held. A valid City pet license must be obtained before the dog is released.

  • Animal Restrictions

    Dangerous dogs are not allowed in Linn Valley (Ordinance #21 & Ordinance 70). Livestock and domestic fowl such as chickens and ducks are not allowed within the City Limits. (Ordinance 83)