Vehicles and Traffic. Within the corporate limits of the City, traffic is regulated by the Standard Traffic Ordinance for Kansas Cities, and City ordinances. For all vehicles operating on Ullery the speed limit is 40 mph, and the speed limit on 2400 Road is 35 mph. Within Linn Valley Lakes, traffic speed limit is 25 mph unless otherwise posted.

A driver’s license is not required for individuals to operate golf carts and all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s) in Linn Valley Lakes, however drivers of these vehicles are subject to restrictions. Golf carts and ATV’s are not allowed on City streets outside of Linn Valley Lakes.

ATV’s and golf carts must comply with established speed limits. An ATV cannot be operated between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am and must comply with noise prevention and mufflers regulations.

By City ordinance, ATV’s must display a valid, current registration decal. Registration is administered by at the Property Owners Association and decals will be issued from POA office. To register an ATV there must be proof of ownership, proof of current liability insurance and proof of residence as member in good standing of the POA.

Ordinance 194 and Ordinance 180

Boats and Watercraft. The City requires boats and personal watercraft be registered. Linn Valley Lakes enforces the city ordinances and is the administrator of registration and issues watercraft identification stickers. An application must include proof of ownership, verification of horsepower, residence of Linn Valley Lakes, and proof of liability insurance. For more information on boating and use of personal watercraft in Linn Valley, please see Boating Regulations in Ordinance 90 and Ordinance 153.