We live in Linn Valley and love it here but we have seen obvious codes violations in our neighborhood. Does the City have the authority and remedies in place to enforce the codes?

Yes, the City has authority to enforce City Ordinances. We are committed to having a clean and attractive community by working with property owners for compliance. The City recently hired a full-time Building Inspector & Codes Enforcement Officer, Dan Donham, who will be taking on compliance responsibilities. Our outgoing Codes Enforcement Officer continues to monitor violations and take action to enforce City regulations. As Codes duties transition to our new Officer, so will the enforcement of all outstanding violations. If you are aware of violations, please contact Dan at 913 731-1459 to confirm that the City has knowledge of those violations.

Do I need to license my dog? What about licensing my cat?

A dog three months or older must be licensed in Linn Valley. The licensing must be done by May 1st of each year. Fees are $3 if the dog is spayed or neutered and $8 if not. Three or more dogs per household is an additional $25 kennel fee. A tag will be given with each license and must be worn by your dog at all times.  If a dog loses its way home, license tags will help us reunited dog with owner. Linn Valley does not license cats.