The Building Inspector is responsible for enforcement of all building codes. In 2001 the City adopted the International Residential Code, and the International Building Code, along with local amendments, to ensure public safety.

A building permit is required on most new construction, alterations, repair work, or adding sheds on any lot within the City limits. Download the Building Permit Application or pick one up at City Hall or the POA office. Return completed applications to the Building Inspector or City Hall.

Prior to issuing a building permit, the application will be submitted to the POA Architectural Control Committee for approval. The Committee meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Applications must be submitted by the Saturday prior to the Committee meeting to be considered. Contact the Building Inspector for the status of your application.

New homes being constructed within the low pressure sewer zone must be connected to the system, as addressed in Resolution #59 and Resolution #60.  An Application for Sewer Service must be completed, and filed at City Hall.

Joe Isabell

Building Inspector

Ph: 913.731.1459
Fx: 913.757.2933